8 Tips To Be More Productive on Event Days !

8 Tips To Be More Productive on Event Days


Three Two One, and here it is, the day when you will have to put all your efforts and give your best to make the event a grand success.

No matter how important you feel the event is to you, you have to give your one hundred and one per cent with the collective efforts of your colleagues to "make it happen."

Event is a day when everyone is keen on following the strict orders, and the stress is brewing from the head of the event planner, who ensures everything is running placidly and smoothly. 

We have compiled some tips to be more productive on the event days.

1. Get a good night's sleep!

It all starts with a day ahead of the event when an event planner has sorted out everything and is "set to for the day." He needs to clear everything before going to bed, ensuring he gets a satisfying sleep to be more attentive on the next day.

2. Flow chart

When you wake up afresh, all you need to do is to have a healthy breakfast that will keep your hunger away throughout the day and help you focus sharply. Make a flow chart or a to-do list for the day. Include all the necessary things and cull down whatever is of least importance. Although you have to take care of everything but making a list of "important things only" will help you to remain optimistic and robust in fulfilling that particular goal. 

3. Open-ended 

Stress! Event planners have to take a lot of stress while doing the job. At times, when things get out of the hand, all they want to do is scream. But if event planners keep their minds open-ended, they will be able to chew the stress easily and deliver what is expected easily. There are so many things to deliver, so many demands that keep on rising, and unexpected complications that might weigh you down, event planners should be open to the last minute changes from sponsors, clients or managers.

4. A&D - Assign & Deliver

Showing exceptional leadership skills at an event is of great significance, it helps you to scrutinize the momentum and in delivering all the results effectively in time. Your team is your strength. The team is there for a reason, assign a specific task to them and keep yourself updated whether they are doing it right.

5. Communication

Communication is the most important element in every process. To deliver every requirement at the event effectively, an event planner must keep on communicating and updating his managers or organizers. Doing this will help him to ensure the smooth running of the event, and will be able to foresee any changes sought by the sponsors or clients. Becoming Accountable will keep you moving with your plans. Accountability is an important strategy that will boost your morale and help you build trust with your peers, colleagues, and sponsors. 

6. Deadlines

There may be some signings and agreements you might have to look after. Do not risk your chances by expecting that people will remember, you need to constantly communicate deadlines with your clients and partners. 

7. Clear Headspace

Do not rent your headspace to any doubts, keep up with the flow. And more importantly, give priority to important things and the important personalities at your event. Try to manage and monitor everything as precisely as possible. 

8. Fun

The most important thing to remain productive on event days to have fun while doing your work. Your smile can be a booster to all your team members, which will increase the productivity of the event.

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