Must have Skills to Advance your Career in Event Planning

 Advance your Career in Event Planning

Just imagine the 'backroom' of every the event you are attending, headed by an event planner who is known for his multitasking and organizing without missing even a single beat. Think about every detail at the event and imagine what it takes to organize such an event. Be it as small as an office event or as huge as a corporate event, all these events need the backbone who will plan, manage, and organize the rundown eloquently and perfectly. 

Event Planning is considered as one of the most stressing jobs, which requires patience and offbeat skills to juggle between a number of tasks happening simultaneously at the event. Whether you are planning to launch your career in Event Management Planning or looking for a job in Event and Wedding Management Planning, then here are some listed tips to hone your skills and upgrade them to the next level. 

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Here are is the periodic chart of elemental skills that you need to master and advance your skills to the new pitch. 

1. Leadership and Managing

Every event planner should be a problem solver, stand out from the crowd, give solutions, and must know the tactics to minimize the losses at any mishappening at the event. He should be able to prove his leadership skills in solving the issues that may be consequential to the company and eventually to his or her career. If you are positive and likeable, your team is at your back. 

Three Things that demonstrate your Leadership and Managing Skills are

- Ability to give your team clear directions, support, and set proper communication for followups

- Regardless of the role, do not talk down to any of your team members, you hired them for a reason. Share your ideas openly with every team member and be open to suggestions

- Open to criticism, feedback and taking action on the same

2. Strategizing

You do not have to 'Just Execute,' you need a proper plan and orchestration for everything you do before you make that happen. Management skills are the bases of every strategy. Sit down with your colleagues, incumbent seniors, management and discuss with them the plan you have, and the opinions they have. Openly discuss value, budgets, goals, metrics, solutions, and ultimately the ROI. Measuring and analyzing will help you strategize muscularly for your event. 

Three Things that will help you Strategize better are

- Understanding every small detail. Clearing doubts, if any (You must)

- Time Managing and Visualizing 

- Keep your strategizes open to last-minute changes (Do not expect it easy)

3. Building Contacts

It is very significant to build your personal reputation at the events you organize or plan. Every planner must be network savvy. He should have connections in catering, photography industry, décor and florists, DJs, lighting, bands, video, and beyond. It is not that they will land you a job or an event, they are the team that will be at your beck and call at any event, who will collectively make your event a grand success.  

Three Ways to build your contacts

- Look for potential contact at every event you plan or cover, talk to them, share your contact details (Busines card will do)

- Practice networking on Social Media sites like Facebook, LinkedIn. Search for the people who interest you, and connect with them. A connection request might parley into a business relationship.

- Meeting people of your profession, ask them for connections, suggestions to improve boost your networking skills.

4. Creativity

Creativity is what pulls off the uniqueness in every event you organize or manage. From planning to executing, it is the creativity that makes the event a success. Anyone can select the venue, hire caterers, and list down the event structure, but it is the creativity of the wedding planner that makes the event exuberant. His creativity transforms ideas and spaces into something bigger and exclusive, keeps attendees engaging, and event moving.

Three Things that will help you to be more creative

- Break the monotony and the status quo

- Remind yourself of the audience. It will help you to think about the way the audience wants it, not the way you want. 

- Negotiate, Say no to inefficiency, and Talk in terms of ROI

5. Customer Servicing 

The event is about the people or attendees, not you. You need to be dedicated to what you do and make things happen that are expected. Every event planner needs to keep clients, attendees, vendors, and managers in mind, he should fill in whenever necessary. Know that your job is to recommend, support, sort out issues, look for an alternative if you don't see anything happening. Your job is to cater to the needs, requirements, and happiness of the client. You have to use minimum resources to make wonders happen at the event. 

Three Things you should keep in mind while dealing with the clients or attendees

- Be polite and use polite words like; Let me see what I can do, Not a problem, Thank you, My pleasure, etc

- Be assertive about fixing the issue raised

- Ensure you pay heed to everyone asking for your attention

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