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Mr. Varun Dua and Mr. Chirag Dua, Directors of Evolve Weddings, created the Wedding Management Institute (WMI) as a first-of-its-kind concept. In 2008, the brother pair embarked on a journey to conceptualise wedding designs and decor, and over time, they rose through the ranks to become a well-known Wedding Planner. They've now embarked on an exciting new adventure. They believe, with a very few Event Management Institutes and none specialising in Wedding Education, there's an enormous vacuum of complete and proficient personnel that has inhibited the expansion of this multi-billion-dollar business. Their concern to contour this and supply quality education in Wedding Management, generated the concept to venture into an institute that specializes into Wedding Management and Designing. Imparting education has been in their blood as their family has been running a school for over forty years, this motivated them to produce exceptional skills to aspiring wedding managers. The impact and benefit of this is bilateral, beneficial to all involved as Wedding Planners all across the globe are yearning for professionals with right set of skills and knowledge. These prepared professionals can set the progress of the industry and build it even larger and unionized.